Monthly Archives: March 2016

First batch of remastered HD scenes available

1080p movies updatedWe started updating a first batch of eight “old” HD movies which were previously only available in 960×540 resolution. These are long overdue and are slowly coming along.

Here’s a quick list of HD updates:

More coming in the upcoming weeks. We also added in 12 additional 4k movies from the early 2015 period, more forthcoming as we write this.

Sneak peek at our new members area

We’re working on introducing a new version of our software. We’re looking at a June ETA right now. Among the features are:

  • better, more complete tagging system, with approximately 100 tags describing the models, outfits, location and action. Our current tags are severely lacking.
  • much simpler layout that will result in quicker load times and full mobile comparability. This is especially important as more and more of you are using tablets to access the site.
  • all files are hosted on our CDN. Right now, only movies are hosted on the load balanced CDN solution while images are not. This will be changed.
  • introduction of a user forum. You will be able to discuss scenes in a more interactive way and give us more feedback.
  • once your account expires, you can still log in (although content viewing will be restricted). If you re-subscribe you can keep your previous username and old favorites. We understand many of you like to sign up, stick around for a while, cancel and then come back later. The new system will make this much more convenient.

We believe these changes will make our site much easier to use and that’s what its all about.  Here’s a quick look at how it will look:

A much more simpler layout will make for faster browsing...

A much more simpler layout will make for faster browsing…