4k Availability Update

Here’s a bit of an update to our continuous updating of 4k scenes. You can always use the Action Search┬áin the members area and limit the results to 4k scenes. Here’s how it looks as of right now, more 4k updates coming weekly:

4k PG update

9 thoughts on “4k Availability Update

  1. Ivan

    Hello … Thank you for the list. Could you please make a list of the “about 220″ HD scenes from 2006 that you were to begin releasing this past December?

  2. D Post author

    Hey Ivan, we have some progress there but its slow. Here are the scenes done so far: http://blog.perfectgonzo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/TeamViewer_2016-01-29_16-03-02.jpg

    It’s a painstakingly slow process unfortunately with lots of manual searching and matching. We’ll update the above scenes next week in 1080p and then hope to add a dozen a month in the forthcoming months. My apologies to everyone as we first promised to remaster these older scenes in 2014 I believe.

  3. Vawkes

    Good job on the 4K releases and upgrading older scenes.

    Is September 2014 the cut off point for scenes being upgraded?

    For instance; will the Ava Dalush scene from June 20, 2014 not be able to be upgraded to 4K? Looks like it was filmed with a 4K camera?

    Thanks for any info.

    1. D Post author

      Yes, September 2014 is the cut-off date but that’s the production date, not he release date. I know this is confusing but we don’t release scenes in chronological order. So for example for Ava Dalush’s scene, it was produced in May 2014 and released in June 2014. Unfortunately this was before we started shooting in full 4k. Sorry :(

      1. Vawkes

        Ah, I understand.

        If anything, it’s credit to PerfectGonzo that you’re scenes are of such good image quality. 4K just would have been nice.

        You guys can always make it up to me by getting Ava Dalush back for more scenes… or even Lolly Gartner!


        1. D Post author

          You got it, if either of these two curvy hotties are around again we will definitely shoot them.

          1. Vawkes


            Do Perfect Gonzo have their own forum for members? Would be great to discuss scenes and make suggestions for you guys.

  4. D Post author

    We will have a forum in about 8-10 weeks time. The functionality is ready, but we need to migrate the Perfectgonzo database to it. I want to connect you guys better to the production crew so we get more interaction with YOUR requests for models + shoots directly to our shooting team.

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