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Taylor Sands falls off the sofa (blooper)

Cute dutch babe Taylor Sands gets fucked in spoon position when suddenly she dives off the sofa, take a peek:

Full scene coming tomorrow on Jan 5th. Stay tuned!

Maria Rya’s ultra tight pussy: will it fit?

The ‘tight pussy’ is a phrase so overused in Internet porn only paralleled by ‘like brandnew’ in the used car industry. But with Maria Rya, it definitely applies. We handed her a standard 7″ dildo to insert into her, but it just wouldn’t fit. Take a look:

Now that’s what should be in the dictionary next to ‘tight’ :) Full scene available to members right now.

Vaginal creampie gone wrong…

So here we are, two minutes into our creampie scene and then this…

We took a little break and finished with a creampie in the end, just took a bit longer than planned :)