New DVD coming soon: Perfectgonzo’s Allinternal 27

Forthcoming in late July is our next creampie installment of Perfectgonzo’s Allinternal #27. Featuring the threesome with hot Jemma Valentine and Tiffany Doll (trailer here) and other goodies. Take a look around our DVD shop¬†for previous releases at rock bottom pricing.

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10 thoughts on “New DVD coming soon: Perfectgonzo’s Allinternal 27

  1. Ivan

    Quick question about your DVD’s… do they include behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers or any other type of video content not available on the site?

    Thank you

  2. D Post author

    Hi Ivan,

    no in fact they’re cut a bit shorter scene wise so we get 5 scenes on one disc. So the website scenes will offer more overall footage.

  3. gongo

    Can you please hire some younger, deeper penetrating and more energetic male performers. I would like to renew my membership,but I find all of the scenes with these old guys sooo boring. Especially James Brossman he is terrible, please stop using this guy in anal scenes, his cock never does good long deep thrusts.

  4. D Post author

    I wish young, energetic and deep-penetrating anal performers who can get reliable hard-ons were widely available. Let me know if you have anyone specific in mind and I will test them.

  5. Ivan

    Hello, D

    I think the current guys are good enough for the kind of scenes PG aims for (not as hard as before the relaunch)… but what about trying out Cristian Clay and Ian Scott?

    Thank you

    1. D Post author

      You suggest Ian Scott, but he’s 42 and Gongo will complain he’s too old — never can make everyone happy at the same time :) But in all seriousness: 1. I strongly prefer local guys for their flexibility. Scenes get cancelled more moved from one day to another. I can’t do that with visiting male performers, it would be unfair to them. AFAIK Ian does not live in Budapest but only visits every once in a while. 2. You guys can see in the last 2-3 months we had updates with a number of guys. I think the recent updates use 6 different guys — if they’re all unacceptable I will have to find new ones. It’s not as easy as it sounds. In fact much more difficult than getting new girls.

      1. CreampieManiac

        Every male performer has his quality. IMO, James is really good for facials/cumshots, Viktor for anal creampies, Choky Ice for pussy creampies, etc. I can’t believe a male performer is good for nothing.
        BTW in Christen Courtney’s Cum For Cover scene there was 5 guys: what do you think about Thomas Stone and Choky Ice?

      2. gongo

        Thankyou for responding and not just deleting my negative comment. So impressed that I renewed my membership for a month. The guy with the tattoos in todays Jemma Valentine scene was OK.

        AS for suggesting some other guys.. I simply don’t know the names of any that can work Budapest. The style I enjoy are long straight and very hard looking, without soft skin or wrinkles and not too thick too block view of the anus – this more important than age for me. Examples of types of guy I like are Chris strokes, Adriano, Oliver Strelly and Chocky Ice. There are many other but I don’t usually take note of their names. Guys that do long deep strokes, not shallow fast jabs.

        Examples of guys I cannot stand are Ian Scott, Markus Dupree and Manuel Farrara.

        Ian Scott is the exact opposite of what I want to see.. his cock is so thick and soft that you never get a good view of the anus stretching around the cock, I cannot stand scenes with him.. id actually prefer James! Please do not ever hire him.

        Keep in mind I mostly only watch the anal scenes, and prefer 1 on 1, it doesn’t bother me who you use in the non anal scenes.

        1. gongo

          Extra feedback – the guy in the June 10, Olivia Grace scene was also good… just need to make sure to keep his face away from the cam as much as possible.

          1. CreampieManiac

            Thank you for the detailed feedback. We appreciate that. We will keep in mind your suggestions.

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