New web site version is live



Future upcoming scenes videos, scene discussion etc. should all happen in the forum from hereon. The site forum is accessible for both active and inactive/expired members. See ya’ll there :)

12 thoughts on “New web site version is live

    1. D Post author

      If the model enjoys anal sex, it would be a pity to cum in her pussy, wouldn’t it? :)

  1. Jay

    Disappointing. Can’t see what sites the scenes are from, Primecups missing 4K scenes (why isn’t Lolly Gartner in 4K, yet previous updates are?) and it won’t allow me to renew a membership either. Not joining till it’s improved (or till it allows me too), though given how long updates take for certain scenes it will probably be a while. Shame.

    1. D Post author

      You can filter scenes by site in the members area. If you are an old member simply login with your old username and password. What error do you get when trying to renew your membership?

      We’re adding site filters on by tomorrow as well, so you don’t even have to login.

    1. D Post author

      Site is not broken :) After logging in the site will “look” identical, with the difference of download links being activated (if your account is active). If you have reason to believe your account is inactive when it should be, please file a ticket at

      1. JR

        I’ve sent a ticket waiting for replies, just signed up couple weeks ago so the account is surely active, for me I simply couldn’t log in, right upper corner still shows “join now”, clicking download in each scene would lead into join page again, along with “unlock this movie” tab on the right side.

        1. D Post author

          JR, I see the issue with your account, it was blocked due to logins from multiple IPs. You didn’t see the correct error message and I apologize for that. We’re contacting you via email to handle this.


          1. JR

            Hi, got the message, may I ask what is the policy on the IP change, I’m using VPN majority of the time, so there will be dramatic IP change once in a while.

  2. Mark

    Guys – they just completely redid the site – patience! This is one of the few sites that has amazing quality 4k videos, give them a bit of time to work out the bugs!

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