Sneak peek at our new members area

We’re working on introducing a new version of our software. We’re looking at a June ETA right now. Among the features are:

  • better, more complete tagging system, with approximately 100 tags describing the models, outfits, location and action. Our current tags are severely lacking.
  • much simpler layout that will result in quicker load times and full mobile comparability. This is especially important as more and more of you are using tablets to access the site.
  • all files are hosted on our CDN. Right now, only movies are hosted on the load balanced CDN solution while images are not. This will be changed.
  • introduction of a user forum. You will be able to discuss scenes in a more interactive way and give us more feedback.
  • once your account expires, you can still log in (although content viewing will be restricted). If you re-subscribe you can keep your previous username and old favorites. We understand many of you like to sign up, stick around for a while, cancel and then come back later. The new system will make this much more convenient.

We believe these changes will make our site much easier to use and that’s what its all about.  Here’s a quick look at how it will look:

A much more simpler layout will make for faster browsing...

A much more simpler layout will make for faster browsing…

17 thoughts on “Sneak peek at our new members area

  1. Ivan

    I love what I’m reading and seeing. June could not come soon enough. I would also love to see a proper revival of Sperm Swap and Tamed Teens. Thanks for the news!

  2. MattyB

    I also think you should utilise social media more, such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, you seem to have Twitter covered :)

  3. D Post author

    Yea thing is Facebook, Youtube and Instagramm all do not allow X rated material. What do you guys think about us interviewing the girls (non x-rated obviously). We could put that out on Youtube etc.

    1. Ivan

      Interviews would be, well… perfect. I would love to see post-scene interviews (with the model all messy from the sex). You could up them to the blog in 1080p.

    2. MattyB

      Interviews sound sweet, maybe before and after shoot, though you’d have to be careful what you show on YouTube post-shoot :)

      1. MattyB

        …Also, Facebook and Instagram could be used for photos and videos for those you’ve just shot, like you did with Stella Cox, as a means to feature up-and-coming scenes…just a thought x

  4. D Post author

    Good stuff Matty, I’ll run this by the team and see what we could do on a regular basis.

    1. MattyB

      After a re-think :) I like to see this Blog be used for interviews and pictures rather than on any new social media sites as it doesn’t get half as many updates as it did back in the day. Site-wise, I would like the new look site have in-depth profiles of those filmed, e.g. date of birth, height, weight, measurements, etc. lots of adult sites don’t have this for some strange reason and it would make Perfect Gonzo a much better website, and the more you know about someone, the better the scene. Scene wise, more DPs and Gangbangs, please. A lot of the women you’ve filmed do these for other sites, so why not here?

  5. mm1288a

    You’re changing tags so please add categories like solo. I like different types of nipples so can you do nipple categories too please and thanks?

    1. D Post author

      Absolutely. Nipple type (long, puffy, small etc), lips, eye color, hair color, boob size, fake boobs/natural. Once we have a full list I will run it by you guys for further suggestions.

  6. Paul

    Love the idea of remastering videos other sites should do this. Also like your picture quality in general other sites compress way to much it may technically be 1080P but it may as well be 640P.

    Please bring back Tamed Teens and CumForCover


    1. D Post author

      Hi Paul, we just shot a Cumforcover with Anina Silk yesterday which I hope you’ll like. We shoot these irregularly but will keep shooting them as we find models for it. Tamedteens will unfortunately remain dormant as its was one of our least popular sites.

      1. Mark

        I am surprised about Tamed Teens, nothing hotter than seeing a cute teen assfucked and/or DP’d!

        1. MattyB

          I’m very surprised about Tamed Teens, you only have to look at LegalPorno, their top scenes feature teens being “tamed”. Would’ve thought that would’ve been one of the most successful … only goes to show how wrong I can be

          1. D Post author

            Yea I guess their customer base is different than ours. Imagine you have a bunch of vegetarians and bring out a huge plate of prime Argentinian steak. They won’t be too happy with it :)

          2. CreampieManiac

            There are lots of teen scenes belonging to Asstraffic or Allinternal, e.g. Kristy Black, Evelina Darling, Daphne Klyde. These cute teens are assfucked and DP’d, as well. The name of website does not matter. Am I wrong?
            With new tag system, Perfectgonzo site will provide a smart search box tool capable of find exactly the scene you are looking for.
            Personally, I can’t way to see new PG site, especially the forum!!!

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