Teaser video of a couple upcoming scenes at Perfectgonzo

Pamela Sanchez DP will be updated in just a bit today. Forthcoming next week are Antonia Sainz solo scene and Shrima Malati one-on-one boy/girl anal scene. Take a peek:

10 thoughts on “Teaser video of a couple upcoming scenes at Perfectgonzo

  1. brown

    Sneak peeks like that are great ! Perfectgonzo should implement an upcoming video section to the website !

    1. D Post author

      Yes the next version of the Perfectgonzo webpage (which is currently being worked on) will feature “upcoming scenes” where trailers will be watchable. We’ll have 3-4 upcoming scenes visible, basically two weeks out.

      1. MattyB

        Sounds good, though I hope this doesn’t mean the end to the blog – when can we expect the new look website, is June still looking viable?

        1. D Post author

          Still working on new interface, but June/July is still on target. We will release the new interface which is largely cosmetic, but then add features one by one. Forum, new tagging system, pay-per-scene etc.

      1. kangapoo

        Always same guy in 1on1 anal scenes. Only recent scene with different guy is with an less attractive girl… no variety here. Many sites rotate different guys and charge less price. Even hire temporary guy for just a couple of scenes would be nice. Last two months .. every time attractive girl in B/G anal.. always same guy.

        Im guessing he is the owner/director or something and thats why hot girls never with other guys.

        1. DM

          I don’t mind having James Brossman in every movie, all of the other guys are ok, I don’t really like the guy with the tattoos for some reason. But James has the nicest cock, it’s big, and has nice shape, and he cums a lot.

          1. MattyB

            I don’t mind Brossman but sometimes he seems on autopilot, a bit of variation would be good.

        2. D Post author

          haha No its not the owner but the idea made me LOL :) Look, scenes that were shot a while farther back (9-12 months ago) had more James Brossman in it, more recent scenes have less with James as he works more behind the camera now. So give it some months, and you will see less and less of James if he bothers you — and more of our other guys.

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