Who is Perfect Gonzo

If you are wondering What or Who is “Perfect Gonzo”, let us give you a small rundown of what we are all about.

We are a couple of guys who love porn, just like you. After years of surfing around, we got sick and tired at looking at low quality videos, bad lighting, scruffy girls, plugin members areas, lies, fraud and all the other crap that comes with some other websites. One day in 2003 we said “heck, we can do this a hell of a lot better.” Right then and there we decided to make our own websites, something that we would like to be a member of and shoot movies that would get us off. We started by creating All Internal and Ass Traffic. This was the birth of the PerfectGonzo collection of websites. Over the years we went on to create several other websites and commission the production of over 1500 movies.

Ten years later, in 2013, we decided it was time to take things to the next level to create movies with the exact timelines and actions that we wanted. Our goal with Perfect Gonzo is to maximize every single detail in order to deliver to our fans the absolute highest quality product (“perfection”) in our eyes.

Our philosophies are simple:

* Hot & horny natural girls, dressed in sexy clothes & shoes. You’ll find very few tatoos, fake breasts, fake lips in our new movies.
* We cast and hand pick and every single model to make sure she fits our criteria.

* Our movies are shot in modern locations that are bright and warm.
The teasing and exploration of the girl is a huge part of our movies.
* The action in our movies is intense and we take you as close as possible to it in every angle.
* We aim to make the best movies one hour long.

* We spent countless hours and sleepless nights researching the best possible way to shoot and deliver the high quality equipment required to get the best results.
* The movies are delivered in multiples encodes as close as possible to the original. We do not compromise on file sizes so you will find some huge movies on our site!
* Our emphasis is quality over quantity. If you are looking for multiple daily updates of mass produced, mass churned content you won’t find that with us, sorry. If you want hour long videos showing every possible detail of a hot model in which we put our hearts and souls to produce, welcome home.

* Prompt customer service and going out of our way to make sure you can enjoy the websites.
* Secure billing without the bullshit or worries of online purchases or round-robin charge scams.
* We listen and interact with our members and fans to improve our product.

In simple terms, Perfect Gonzo is just a website where people come to download great porn movies that we produce as we like.